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I started my career in the editing department some 22 years ago following in the footsteps of my father, Chris Blunden, and my Grandfather, Bill Blunden who are both Editors. Watching them both work in the cutting room as I grew up and watching them work with celluloid on the Moviola and Steinbeck. The close bonds they shared with their colleagues and the love and effort they put into there work was one of the many reasons I fell in love with film. When I was old enough I left school to pursue my career in film and television hoping one day to edit. The feeling of editing with film and seeing a story come together is the best feelings in the world and is a feeling I will never tire of.
Over those years I have progressed through the department learning my craft, honing my knowledge and skills.
As you will see from my CV I have worked as an assistant editor on many notable films and television projects.
Over the last 5 years I have been trying slowly to make the transition to full Editor. I started by assembling sequences on projects I was working on alongside my assistant duties and doing any small editing work I could get.
Whilst I was working as the assistant editor on “Hetty Feather” I was asked to assemble some episodes. The Producer, Foz Allan, was impressed enough with my work that he offered me three episodes of the show to cut as full Editor.
My past work includes 'The Rising' for Sky Studios and 'The Capture' for the BBC. Most recently I have finished on 'Screw' series 2 and am about to embark on three episodes of 'After the flood
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